A Liquid Gold Called Argan Oil
In the southwest area of Morocco, there is a tree that is said to bear liquid gold. It is not the type of gold for jewelry or treasure, but a valuable type of oil that has become one of the most sought after beauty cosmetic products for women today.
Believed to contain essential fatty acids and claimed to be rich in vitamins, the Argan oil is now the oil used for several household and body treatments, including skin and hair care.
But before you jump into the hype of this miracle oil, know the organic truth behind its claims, so you will know exactly what you are buying for your skin and body.
The story behind the most coveted Argan oil
Going back to the tree in the Southwestern area of Morocco, particularly to the one found in the Marrakesh region to the Essaouira area. Aside from other finds that people associate these places with—beaches, cultural life festivals, and crafts—the most prized resource here is the argan oil.
Even though it has just started hitting the market as a miracle ingredient, Argan oil has been used by the locals of Morocco for centuries. Back then, Argan oil was used for its traditional purpose which was as a food supplement known for its nutritional value of Vitamin E and some essential fatty acids.
The Argan oil comes from the nuts of the argan tree or Argania Spinosa. The Argan fruit is typically green, large, and round. Inside of this is a nut that has to be cracked open in order to get started on the extraction of Argan oil. The concoction is kneaded while mixing it with water until the consistency becomes a thick paste. Repeated kneading will lead to the extraction of Argan oil.
The estimated number of hours spent in order to get just one liter of this oil is roughly 20 hours a day, which explains why beauty cosmetics with Argan oil are much more expensive than other choices.
The miracle ingredient that actually delivers
Even the supposed miracle creams and serums will have some sort of highfaluting claims that do not really work anyway. However, Argan oil may be one of the first products that have followers who have experienced benefits in their own way or medium.
As for its nutritive value as a product, Argan oil has been reported to have the necessary Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to prevent premature aging. Its restorative and age-defying effects have branded Argan oil as one of the most helpful anti-aging cosmetics in the oil-based product industry. Because of its vitamin and mineral content, it has been stated to relieve or remedy some skin problems, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema acne, and even wrinkles.
As a result, some Moroccans even make Argan oil as part of their daily regimen. It is slightly darker and more reddish compared to olive oil, but it can be used for cooking. Some people slather this oil on their body or they can consume the oil as salad dressings or dips for bread.
Its medicinal and health values include the ability to lower cholesterol levels, stimulation of circulation, and strengthening of the body’s natural defense system, so even men who are looking for solutions to the problems above can enjoy the benefits of Argan oil.
The right way to maximize Argan oil
Though it has already mentioned that Argan oil can be used in a variety of ways, for cosmetics, it can be used in four major parts of the body: the face, the hair, the nails, and the skin. Know the results you are aiming for when you use Argan oil on any of these parts so you can maximize its effects.
For the face, if you are using treatments that only have Argan oil as its ingredient, you can use it as a moisturizing regimen at night and as a base for makeup during mornings. However, a drop or two of pure Argan oil should be enough for one application.
When it comes to hair care, Argan oil can be used to restore damaged hair, revitalize dry locks, and give a shinier look to your hair. To attain this, apply a generous amount of Argan oil to damp hair, from the roots to the tips, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off.
Brittle nails can be strengthened after they’re soaked in equal parts of lemon juice and Argan oil. Make nightly Argan oil application on your hands and nails into a nightly habit to make them smoother and healthier.
Lastly, massaging the body with Argan oil can make the skin firmer and relax the spine. You don’t have to worry about a greasy feeling because it is easily absorbed by the skin. Apply it after a bath and mix with lotion, so your skin will feel nourished and moisturized.
Obsessed with miracle oil?
The hype for Argan oil has reached its peak nowadays, especially after supermodel Josie Maran released her line of skincare products that feature the miracle oil. According to Maran, daily application twice a day—one in the morning, and one before bed—makes the dry patches on her body smoother and firmer, gives her luscious locks, and keeps her cuticles and nails crack-free.
Maran started using Argan oil while on a shoot in France, and became hooked once she saw an older woman with fresh-looking skin. When she was pregnant in 2006, she always made sure to slather on Argan oil on her stomach to prevent stretch marks.
Now her Argan Oil line includes 100% organic Argan oil, bronzing oil, moisturizing stick, and other all-natural cosmetics.
There are several other products in the market that contain Argan oil, which should also serve as a precaution to first-time buyers. The benefits of Argan oil seem to be truly remarkable and made better because of its natural and organic source. So try this miracle product today and see the results for yourself.